Since inception, PIMS has been the answer to pathology practices’ billing needs, and we continue to refine our dedication to pathologists across the country year after year. With the foundation of staff with over 25 years of pathology billing and coding experience, PIMS provides pathology-specific revenue cycle management, coding, and practice management services. Our team of highly motivated and detail-oriented certified coders stays on the forefront of changes to clinical and anatomic pathology CPT codes, ensuring accurate claims and optimized reimbursement. Utilizing a combination of detailed charge entry review and effective denial management, PIMS verifies timely claim submissions and maximizes reimbursement through our claims appeal process.

PIMS’ management team is intimately familiar with the regulatory and legislative issues faced by pathologists. Working with state and national organizations, we have effectively combated the court system and the legislature against potentially harmful legislation and statutes.


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