PIMS Launches Advanced M*Modal Framework for Medical Transcription Service Offering

PIMS Launches Advanced M*Modal Framework for Medical Transcription Service Offering

Technological Enhancements in PIMS’ Transcription Services Offer Healthcare Providers Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency.

Tampa, FL, June 19, 2012 – Physicians Independent Management Services, Inc. (PIMS), a nationwide medical billing and practice management services provider, announced today  the launch of enhanced technology via its strategic relationship with M*Modal, the leading provider of clinical narrative capture services, Speech Understanding™, and Natural Language Understanding™ technology. In an effort to provide healthcare organizations with the highest level of clinical documentation precision, accuracy and turn-around time, the enhanced technology offering is being touted as the ultimate collaboration between two leaders in the medical transcription service marketplace.

In today’s ever dynamic world of practicing medicine, physicians spend more time than ever writing, typing, or dictating in order to comply with regulatory requirements for their reports and medical records.  These mandatory processes place significant time constraints on physicians, impacting time allotted for effective delivery of patient care. Throughout its 14 years of servicing medical providers, PIMS has always strived to deliver the most expeditious turn-around time and highest level of accuracy offered by any transcription service provider, thereby allowing its clients to focus on patient care.  Continuing this tradition, PIMS’ relationship with M*Modal presents the opportunity to utilize M*Modal Fluency For Transcription™, the most cutting-edge transcription technology available, to optimize PIMS’ end-to-end process with transparent reporting, benchmarking tools, and other aids to facilitate continuous process improvement in turnaround time, documentation integrity, and overall performance.

Medical providers of all sizes, including national healthcare systems, multi-specialty clinics, independent laboratories, surgery centers, and physician group practices are increasingly turning to PIMS to service their transcription needs. PIMS’ transcriptionists are regularly trained and tested on all sectors of medical terminology, as well as compliance, including fraud, abuse, and HIPAA. PIMS’ longstanding reputation, coupled with its continuous provision for accuracy and expeditious turnaround time, has resulted in significant, stable growth. Even in this current economic climate where many healthcare providers have been forced to focus more heavily on cost savings initiatives to ensure budgets met, PIMS’ competitive pricing structure has resulted in increased demand for its excellent and cost-effective services.

“We are excited by the opportunity to leverage the long heritage of quality service and technological innovation M*Modal is known to provide,” said Chris Hazelwood, PIMS’ CFO. “Cost savings initiatives are the single most driving factor for the establishment of our transcription services. With the process improvements generated by M*Modal’s state-of-the-art M*Modal Fluency For Transcription™  system, PIMS is in the best position to offer a pricing structure that gives healthcare providers the ability to outsource their transcription needs at rates competitive with overseas service outfits.”

About PIMS:
Founded in 1998, Physicians Independent Management Services, Inc. (PIMS), the physicians’ choice for comprehensive billing, coding, contracting and management services, is also proud to be recognized as one of America’s leading providers of anatomic Laboratory Information Systems (LIS). PathX, the most advanced LIS on the market for anatomic pathology, with integrated transcription, is known for being “The new path for path labs.”

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About M*Modal
M*Modal (NASDAQ/GS: MODL) is a leading provider of clinical transcription services, clinical documentation workflow solutions, advanced cloud-based Speech UnderstandingTM technology and unstructured data analytics.  Recognized as the largest clinical transcription service in the U.S. with a global network of medical editors, M*Modal also offers voice to text solutions to capture the complete patient story, codifies the doctor's narrative to automatically populate EHRs and other key healthcare information systems, delivers computer-assisted coding to support ICD-9 and the transition to ICD-10, and provides highly advanced analytical tools for exploring the richness within the “unstructured” narrative for improvements in quality of care, greater physician satisfaction and lower operational costs.  For more information, please visit www.mmodal.com, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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